YouTube channel handle kaise banaye Youtube custom url YouTube new update Guide

 YouTube channel handle kaise banaye Youtube custom url  YouTube new update Guide

A big update has come from YouTube, now you can create a channel handle on YouTube, like Twitter and Instagram have a handle, the name is different, with the handle, anyone can easily be found, mentioned. In the same way, now you can create a channel handle on YouTube. Channel handle will give you a unique identity on YouTube, so that you can be easily fined, mentioned and channel handle show on your YouTube channel. so, in this  blog  i am going to show you the complete process to create channel handle for youtube
YouTube channel handle kaise banaye Youtube custom url  YouTube new update Guide

so let's start

To choose a youtube handle for your youtube channel, either you will get an e-mail like this, in this you can see a button has been given for the chick handle, you will click on it, the handle will go in front of you and If you do not get any match then you will type forward slash handle in your browser, even if you enter it, the same page will open in front of you, in this you can see the custom URL you have reserved for your handle has been done i.e. your custom u

Tha, that has become your YouTube handle, now anyone can search you by entering this handle of yours on YouTube, can mention you, that is, it has become a unique identity for you, below you can see the URL of your channel. This is made forward slash and your youtube handle if you want to change this handle then you will click on change handle whatever you want to keep handle, you have to type it here if it is available then like this Green tea will go and if it is not available then it will come in front of you like this, then you have to choose one such handle here.

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So you want to keep and it should be available as it is available, if I want to make my youtube handle then click on confirm selection this will become our youtube handle you can see this my youtube handle is set now no one Even if a person searches on YouTube at the rate, then our channel will come in front of him, no matter how small your channel is, when someone searches by entering your YouTube handle in this way, then your YouTube channel will come in front of him No eligibility to choose the handle No Criteria Even If You Have Created A Brand New Channel Still You Are

You can choose the handle below, here you will find more details that a youtube handle is a youtube handle a new way to find people and connect with them like if someone enters your channel name then same name A lot of channels come from you, but this will not happen with the handle, a handle will be assigned to only one youtube creator, your youtube handle will become part of your url like equipped with forward and after that your youtube The custom URL of the handle you already have will also work like given here on

Forward slash is the name of your channel, it will also work here, you can scroll down to see where your youtube handle will be shown, as if you upload this shortcode, then your youtube handle will show in this way too. If you search on YouTube, by entering your YouTube handle at the rate, then your channel will come in front of it, anyone can use your YouTube handle in the title and description of your YouTube video to mention you, then in this way YouTube handle you Provides a Unique Identity So I Hope You Must Have Loved The Blog

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