Oppo A74 5g Review OPPO A74 5G Fluid Black 6GB RAM 128GB Storage

Oppo A74 5g Review OPPO A74 5G Fluid Black 6GB RAM 128GB Storage 

Hello Guys Welcome all of you not only tax, my friends, I have brought them for free, it is not a seventy four that friends mobile is very good to look and what is this seventy four, you get what is inside five g, then it is five Yes and that too under twenty thousand is very interesting friends means it is in low budget, anyone can buy it if you want normal mobile i.e. under twenty thousand then you can buy top o seventy four and you are its today We are going to review that means we will tell the whole truth about it.

Oppo A74 5g Review OPPO A74 5G Fluid Black 6GB RAM 128GB Storage

There is no pay promotion etc here, so whatever we tell, we will tell you the truth ie whether you should buy or not, what is inside it and what is not there and what we are going to review here is after a month So we have used it on that day, so after that we are renewing it and telling you it is going to be a lot of fun, so let's friends start the review, then come and talk about Oppo A Seventy Four, then friends here It is very good in looking, it is given here with triple rear camera and you will be able to see here or behind you, it looks like glass is not glass, here it is given plastic and or if it is talked about designing, then it is enough. It is much better and both are not too heavy when it comes to pay weight, here it is available for one hundred and ninety grams, where you get one ninety grams of friends.

Here it is also slim, which means it is not too fat here, it is fine, it is not as slim but it is fine, it means normal friends, if we talk about its display, then six point five inch display is available with flowers where both are full. HD plus here its display is available, it is a very good display, you can see that you will be able to see it here, talking about the display, I am looking very good here and that too with sixty necklace reference rate Friends, it is getting very good, if you talk about the camera here, then the camera is also very good.

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You get triple rear camera and here you are getting forty eight megapixels where your main camera is where friends are very much here on forty eight so we have been given two cameras at the bottom, two sensors they are not of much use, none of them Doesn't make sense but the main camera given here is forty eight megapixels which is quite good, but if we don't believe in waste, I'll show you some campus photos if kerosene, here on normal photos and this You must have been able to see here that I have clicked some photos inside that train too, so you will be able to see it from here.

Photos and you must have come to know that what is its bed camera here, if we talk about the front camera, then you get the front camera of eight megapixels.

It is said that if we do not believe, then I will show some samples, photos are not here, friends, I am showing you by clicking on my selfie, see this, you can also see normal photos and you can also give it inside the portrait here and here The selfie camera that is there, you must be looking very good, if you are able to see it, then you are getting the file mobile here, you are quite good in the opposite seventy four or if you talk about the display of the camera etc. then the display is also good. So friends, now if we talk about daughter, then friends, daughter gets you five thousand MH, where two five thousand MH means enough.

By the way, in real I am here even within fifteen to six thousand children, but there is no difference here, that means even five thousand mach will be enough here, you mean if you use it, if someone means four days if you use the original charger then If we talk about the battery here, then we have seen using it in five thousand, then it works fine, means continue playing games in games etc., then there is no need to charge in six to seven hours and if we talk about two chargers. If you go here, fast charging is available on paytin vote, where a lot of friends get fast charging here, which is very fast.

Will charge our phone and our daughter will run for a long time, then friends are getting very good here, so friends, I am praising you here because I liked the mobile very much op oy seventy four to you now we are here Coming to the main topic, that is, now we talk about whose processor is it, where if you want to buy for gaming, then the information about the processor is very important there, then friends, you get its processor off course the new dragon four at four AT Five and that too

two with them here pe sir its very good here its given the name pay four AT if they want they could have given pay seven twenty or anything else here on their own why they have not kept four AT address so friends processor its It is too much and here it will be talked about eleven point one is available and android version its eleven if it is talked about processor then it is very good means it is not as much or for pubg vagera as you think

Yes that means if you want to buy only for pubg then this is not for you and if you want to play normal pubg also if future and

You have a very good mobile for you here, friends, here and if we talk about the price, then the mobile has been mobile here under twenty thousand, you want to buy that too online or you will get it anywhere offline, then here if you pay pubg If you want to buy for pubg, here we talk about the graphics inside it, then it gets smooth graphics inside pubg and ultra here its graphics, which here we will show you this game by playing pubg. is here

You will know what it is and what is not there, if we tell you by doing a pubg test, if we talk about full review, then I really liked the mobile, I really liked it, talk about designing here or anything here. Talking about it, I liked this mobile very much, friends here, whether it is a camera or a place light, it means that some different design is given here, meaning to do something new, it is thought in the open, so I feel very good. And here is the most important thing, friends, three point five thousand jail has been given here, yes friends, if you want to do online gaming or mean

If you know this is useful everywhere, then friends, here we are slowly removing three point five, that means every company is removing it, so here we have Oppo a seventy four that too within five g, we need three point five amount. If you have got earphones here, then this is also a very good thing here, if you talk about the camera here, then the selfie camera you have on the side is given on the side or if it is not available in the middle, then how did you feel Here at Oppo A Seventy Four


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