Smart Blood Sugar

Smart Blood Sugar


  Smart Blood Sugar Second Edition is a comprehensive approach to targeting the underlying causes of erratic blood sugar. This simple program cuts through all the

 confusing and contradictory information and zeroes in on the exact steps to take right now to control blood sugar levels. Dr. Marlene makes everything simple

 with her smart blood sugar plan. Inside its pages, readers will find step-by-step guidance, easy tools, and dozens of tips on how to maintain healthy blood sugar levels… and repair insulin resistance

 without spending a fortune on food or wasting a lot of time or money. Diabetes is a concern for many. This Second Edition of Smart Blood Sugar offers readers the chance to learn the basic lifestyle and dietary changes. This diabetes book provides simple

 understanding to help prevent, manage, and promote a health reversal. Dr. Merritt presents a simple, scientific solution for managing blood sugar, improving

 diabetes fitness, as well as other related conditions. Without an overwhelming amount of scientific jargon, this book includes expanded topics and more recent research on the subject of

 diabetes. You will gain an understanding of our sugar-saturated culture, and be led towards better health and a better quality of life. Start your path forward with having a healthy blood sugar for life.


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